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2021 Donner Prize Award Finalists

Today, New Society Publishers is pleased to announce one of our books have been shortlisted for the 2021 Donner Prize.

TORONTO, April 26, 2022 – Gregory Belton, Chair of the Donner Canadian Foundation, today announced the shortlist for the 2021 Donner Prize, the award recognizing the best public policy book by a Canadian.

“After yet another pandemic year, and in the midst of geopolitical crises, the Donner Prize jury has selected a shortlist of books that spotlight critical issues for Canada and, indeed, the world,” said Mr. Belton. “Innovation, societal values, Indigenous economics, eldercare, national and international security – this year’s shortlisted books will be certain to spark the vigorous and productive debate essential for the development of better public policy.”

David Dodge, Jury Chair, stated that “I’m especially pleased with this year’s shortlisted books, which cover timely and critical topics – innovation, equitable economic growth, Indigenous economy, national security and the crisis in eldercare. The Donner Prize has always sought to bring attention to books that are exceptional works of public policy research. Encouraging and rewarding the work of investigating and analysing the policy dilemmas we face as a society and a nation is the very purpose of the Prize.”

The prestigious Donner Prize, founded in 1998, annually rewards excellence and innovation in public policy writing by Canadians. In bestowing this award, the Donner Canadian Foundation seeks to broaden policy debates, and to make an original and meaningful contribution to policy discourse, all of which will contribute to an even stronger and more inclusive Canadian democracy.

This year’s Donner Prize shortlist titles were chosen from books published during the calendar year 2021. The winner will receive $50,000 while each of the four other nominated authors will receive $7,500.

The Jury Citations for 2021 Donner Prize Shortlist

Indigenomics: Taking a Seat at the Economic Table by Carol Anne Hilton.

Hilton outlines an issue that is hugely important and relevant to the future of Canada, its economy, its society and, in equal measure, the economy and society of Indigenous Peoples. She shows that Indigenous economic empowerment is not only imperative, and in the interests of the entire country, but also completely achievable, given the real momentum on display across Indigenous communities. She provides context for the bad federal policies, dating back to 1876, that have led to the current situation, and suggests solutions. Hilton’s book is the first that pulls together the whole picture, setting out a vision for Indigenous leadership, participation, and contribution to Canadian economy.

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