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Planting a “Forever Forest”

This holiday season, we’re inviting readers to make, share, observe, and enjoy the gifts of a slowed down, mindful season. To start us off, author Sami Grover (We’re All Climate Hypocrites Now) shares a creative way he’s helping his kids learn the power of incremental change, using a unique holiday gift idea.

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Handmade Holiday

In today’s Holiday Sale blog, Bevin Cohen, author of The Artisan Home Herbalist, offers up a thoughtful guide to holiday gift-giving – and a guide to infusing oils. Learn the simple art of making herb-infused oils, which can be used as they are, or turned into a variety of products, from sugar scrubs to medicinal balms.

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Marinated Feta

Gianaclis Caldwell, author of Mastering Basic Cheesemaking, shares a simple, delicious recipe for marinating feta cheese, which can be done with any store-bought feta.

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Dec 6 | Mark Krawczyk | Coppice Agroforestry | Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario Conference

Mark Krawczyk is an applied ecologist, educator, and grower with a background in permaculture design, agroforestry, natural building, traditional woodworking, and small-scale forestry. He co-owns and operates Keyline Vermont LLC, teaching, designing, and consulting for farmers, homeowners, and homesteaders and is the author of the newly-released book Coppice Agroforestry - Tending Trees for Product, Profit and Woodland Ecology. He and his wife also co-manage Valley Clayplain Forest Farm - 52 acres of field and forest in New Haven, Vermont, USA.

Host: Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario Conference
Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, Dec 6, 2022
Time: 9:30-11:30am EST
Cost: $35-$100

Dec 7-9 | Mark Krawczyk | Coppice Agroforestry | Savanna Institute’s Perennial Farm Gathering

3 DAY VIRTUAL GATHERING of farmers, landowners and perennial enthusiasts from across the country.

Perennial together, growing agroforestry forever

Host: Savanna Institute
Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, Dec 7-9, 2022
Cost: $0-$90


The Beauty of Frozen Light

Today’s blog comes from Jacob Rodenburg, author of The Big Book of Nature Activities and The Book of Nature Connection. Jacob offers some ideas to help readers appreciate the unique beauty winter brings. And at the end of the blog, look for a link to download an excerpt from The Big Book of Nature Activities, detailing by region the special things to look for as winter spreads her cloak to cover us.

5 Questions with New Society Publishers

New Society Publishers EJ Hurst (Sales Manager) and Julie Raddysh (Publisher) were interviewed by BookNet Canada for their "5 Questions with Series" of publishers going green

Wild Plant Culture with Jared Rosenbaum

Reconnect. Restore. Reciprocate.

Repairing landscapes and reconnecting us to the wild plant communities around us. In this video author Jared Rosenbaum introduces his new book, Wild Plant Culture: A Guide to Restoring Edible and Medicinal Native Plant Communities.