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The 2021 Living Now Book Award Winners

Today, New Society Publishers is pleased to announce three of our books have been named winners of the 2021 Living Now Book Awards.

Silver in Green Living

Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth by Margaret Klein Salamon.

Facing the Climate Emergency addresses the fears of everyone who is alarmed about the climate crisis and yet feels powerless to stop it. Drawing on psychology, it shows readers how to use their feelings of fear, grief, and powerlessness to transform themselves into climate warriors and motivate collective change.

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Silver in Social Activism / Charity

The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization by Crystal Byrd Farmer.

In The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Creating Diversity in Your Organization, your new token Black friend, Crystal Byrd Farmer, acts as the bridge between majority white organizations that are dedicated to social justice and affirmative action and the diverse people in community they want to recruit.

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Bronze in Cookbooks - Ethnic, Holiday

The Ethical Meat Handbook, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition: From sourcing to butchery, mindful meat eating for the modern omnivore by Meredith Leigh.

In this 2nd edition of The Ethical Meat Handbook author Meredith Leigh argues that by assuming responsibility for our food and the route by which it gets there, animals can be an optimal source of food, fiber, and environmental management. Featuring 100+ recipes, and discussions around responsible meat production and economics.

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The Living Now Book Awards are designed to bring increased recognition to the year's very best lifestyle books and their creators. We all seek healthier, more fulfilling, and productive lives, and books are an important tool for gaining knowledge about how to achieve these goals for ourselves and our loved ones.

View the complete list of Finalists.

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