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Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day?

It is starting to feel that everything has a "day" attached to it that calls for action on our part - November is full of examples of this, from Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day, to Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, Thanksgiving to Remembrance Day.


Of course we want to participate in consuming less, giving more, supporting local businesses, and celebrating special occasions with friends and family.

But wouldn't it also be nice if we could live everyday with mindfulness and compassion, slowing down and supporting and enjoying one another without a reminder from a corporation, organization...or publisher... to do so?
I suppose until the day that we collectively live with joy, love, and generosity in our hearts, the odd nudge in the right direction should be welcomed.

So in that vein, I recommend Buy Nothing Day, over Black Friday. Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism held annually the day after American Thanksgiving.  Buy Nothing Day was the brain child of Kalle Larson, Editor in Chief of Adbusters magazine. Larson has spent his career speaking out against consumerism and the impact it’s had on the planet and our own well-being.

Buy Nothing Day is "celebrated" with a variety of traditions around the world. Here are a few examples from

Credit Card Cutting Up: One way to celebrate the holiday is by standing in a shopping mall with a poster that advertises to people that you’ll help them end their mounting debt by cutting up their credit cards – at no cost to them.

Zombie Walk: Another method of celebrating this holiday is to act like a zombie and walk through shopping malls. While these “zombies” don’t bother shoppers, they do give them a blank stare as they push their empty zombie shopping carts through the store or mall.

Whirly Mart: This celebration/protest involves participants steering their shopping carts (or shopping trolleys) around the malls or stores in a long, conga-like line. All the while they are not putting a single thing into their carts.

Buy Nothing Hike: Another way to celebrate the holiday is to forgo all stores and instead head out to nature to enjoy forest, rivers, and mountains.

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