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NEW SOCIETY BLOG — Cultivation

Why You Can Grow Figs In Cold Climates

For some, the taste of a fresh, juicy fig brings memories of travel to warm, faraway places. However, if you live in a colder region - it’s possible to enjoy figs grown on your own property. In Growing Figs in Cold Climates: A Complete Guide, Lee Reich provides methods for cultivating figs in cold regions. Today, Lee explains why it’s entirely possible to grow figs in cold climates.

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Interview with Willoughby Arevalo, author of DIY Mushroom Cultivation

Today's interview is with Willoughby Arevalo, author of DIY Mushroom Cultivation:Growing Mushrooms at Home for Food, Medicine and Soil. Willougby is a mycologist, artist, and educator who is a member of the Vancouver Mycological Society.

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