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NEW SOCIETY BLOG — Food & Gardening

Interview with Dan Chiras, author of Chinese Greenhouse

Today’s blog is an Interview with Dan Chiras, author of Chinese Greenhouse: Design and Build a Low Cost, Passive Solar Greenhouse featuring our winning giveaway question.

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Fighting A Gardener’s Wintertime Blues with my Chinese Greenhouse

Like many gardeners, Dan Chiras, author of The Chinese Greenhouse, experiences annual vernal melancholy and strives to extend the growing season. That’s why he began using a very special greenhouse to grow through the dead of winter. Today, Dan explains how the Chinese greenhouse cures his winter gardener's blues.

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What Makes the Chinese Greenhouse So Special?

In his book, Dan Chiras explains how he expanded on his four-season harvest technique by building a Chinese greenhouse to grow not only cold-weather veggies but a variety of warmer-weather ones as well. Today, we explore six ways that differentiate Chinese greenhouses from conventional ones.

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The Most Important Job in Farming

In Farm the City, Michael Ableman, takes his experiences building Sole Food Street Farms to create a guide to setting up and running an urban farm. Sole Food Street Farms is one of the largest urban agriculture enterprises in North America.

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Why am I the only brown person here?

Natasha Bowen, author of Color of Food: Stories of Race, Resilience, and Farming, shares her beginnings of leaving her urban existence to go ‘back to the land’, where she realized she was often the only woman of color, setting her on a quest to find out why that was.

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