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Cultivating and Planting Blueberries

The Berry Grower by Blake Cothron is the essential guide for growing and marketing organic small fruits and berries. Today, we share an excerpt from the book that talks about cultivating and planting blueberries.

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Interview with Blake Cothron

Today’s blog is an Interview with Blake Cothron, author of The Berry Grower, featuring a question that was asked by a reader on social media.

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Innovative Strategies for Small Fruit Growing

In his book, The Berry Grower, Blake Cothron shares information on growing and marketing organic small fruits and berries. This book is the essential guide for both new and aspiring organic small fruit growers, and for seasoned farmers looking to produce high-quality organic fruits and products for local markets and self-sufficiency. Today, we share an excerpt from the book, in which the author describes his reasons behind writing the book.

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Hardy Greens for Your Garden

If you are a seasoned gardener, or frequent farmers market shopper, chances are you’ve come across shoulder season greens. These greens can be planted very early in spring and again in late summer for a winter crop. Today, we take an excerpt on hardy greens from The Food Lover’s Garden by Jenni Blackmore on some of the greens that you might want to consider adding to your garden.

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Edible Laneways

Today Zach Loeks, author of The Edible Ecosystem explains why edible landways are a simple and effective way to manage a garden on small properties and homesteads. The concept is this: focus your fruit, berry and herb planting along a single bed beside your driveway or along a fence line.

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Why People Should Maximize Their Yards With Gardens and Edible Landscapes

How could a 25 square foot yard be transformed if it was turned into a garden? That was the first question Zach Loeks asked when he began writing his newest book, The Edible Ecosystem Solution: Growing Biodiversity in Your Backyard and Beyond.

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Yard to Table Eating

If we revisit the idea of the home system, let’s start in the kitchen. What do you eat? How much money do you spend on food? What percentage of food do you grow and preserve? What changes would you like to make with the food you purchase and consume

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