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NEW SOCIETY BLOG — Natural Building

Earth Rammed Construction: Building With Materials Found On Site

Since 1993, using rammed earth in construction for code-approved buildings has occurred in almost every province and proven themselves capable of enduring the harsh Canadian climates. Today, we take an excerpt from Essential Rammed Earth Construction: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide by Tim Krahn to discover more about one of the oldest construction methods on the planet.

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A Case for Building Science

The two enemies of durable, comfortable, and efficient housing in residential construction are poor heat and moisture management. Today, we take an excerpt from Essential Building Science: Understanding Energy and Moisture in High Performance House Design by Jacob Deva Racusin, where Jacob unpacks why we need building science.

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The Benefits Of Using Hempcrete in Your Construction Projects

Hempcrete, or hemp-line as it is referred to in Europe, is a promising sustainable building material. It is a green alternative to composites such as concrete, mortar and plaster. Today, we take an excerpt from Essential Hempcrete Construction: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide, where Chris Magwood outlines some of the benefits of using hempcrete in construction.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Composting Toilets

Ann Baird and Gord Baird Ann Baird and Gord Baird's new book Essential Composting Toilets answers every question you might have ever had about composting toilets - how to use them, install them, compost the resource and more. Composting Toilets - Not a Crappy Solution Gord Baird is our guest today and answers your questions from how to retrofit to what to tell the neighbours. How can I find out if composting toilets are allowed in my region? If they aren’t, what can I do? There are two routes one can take to investigate the regulations around composting toilets. The...

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Interview with Jim Reiland, contributor to Straw Bale Building Details

Today we interview Jim Reiland, representing CASBA, the authors of Straw Bale Building Details: An Illustrated Guide for Design and Construction.

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Pros and Cons of Building with Earthbags

Today is the Build portion of our Grow Make Build Change summer reading sale theme featuring an excerpt from Essential Earthbag Construction: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide by Kelly Hart.

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