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2022 IPPY Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce that two New Society titles have won IPPY Awards this year.

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Navigating Sexism and Benefiting from White Privilege

In What’s Up With White Women? Ilsa Govan and Tilman Smith explore their gendered roles in systemic racism and the opportunities for action. Positioned between white men and BIPOC, white women are in a unique place of the power hierarchy. Today, in an excerpt from their book, we share their thoughts on navigating sexism and benefitting from white privilege.

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Achieving Racial Justice and Equity Requires Conversation

Today, Fern Johnson and Marlene Fine share stories that didn’t rise to national attention. How many of these were you aware of?

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After George Floyd: Racial Reckoning Requires Honest Talk

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, the term “racial reckoning” appeared again—in news reports, in commentary, from faith leaders, from some elected officials—but not because the pace of change has accelerated. In fact, just the opposite has happened: change has slowed and hope diminished.

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Microaggression or Compliment?

Today's post is an excerpt from Crystal Byrd Farmer’s new book The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Creating Diversity in Your Organization. Crystal acts as the bridge between majority white organizations who acknowledge the need for diversity but don’t know where to start.

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Showing Up as a Strong White Ally

This excerpt is from the book "Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice, 4th edition" by Paul Kivel. He is a social justice educator, activist, and writer has been involved in racial justice work for over 50 years.

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