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An Economy of Wellbeing (PDF)

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$19.99 $13.00 CAD
$19.99 $13.00 CAD
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2018-04-30
ISBN: 9781550926668
Format: Digital - 256 pages
Size: 6" x 9" (w x h)
BISAC: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Environmental Economics

An Economy of Wellbeing (PDF)

Common-sense tools for building genuine wealth and happiness

In the face of political, financial, and environmental upheaval, it's difficult to slow down and build lives of mindfulness and joy. These things are within reach, but how can we go about creating a new world, using common-sense economics?

In An Economy of Well-being, author Mark Anielski presents a practical guide for building a new economy of well-being to help communities and nations become more flourishing and happier places to live. In this follow-up to his best-selling The Economics of Happiness, Anielski addresses key questions including:

  • How can our personal and family assets be strengthened for a more fulfilling life of meaning and purpose?
  • How can neighborhoods and cities become flourishing economies of well-being by making the best of abundant community assets?
  • how can organizations, communities and financial institutions measure, manage and finance assets to achieve high levels of well-being?

An Economy of Well-being responds to a common yearning for common-sense tools to orient our lives, our businesses, and our communities towards well-being. This is ideal reading for anyone who wishes to contribute to building happier, more mindful communities, and ultimately lives of joy and meaning.

About the Author

Mark Anielski is President and Chief Well-being Officer at Anielski Management Inc. He consults and speaks internationally on merging and measuring happiness, well-being and economics, including at Harvard, the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the University of Texas in El Paso, the Harbin Institute of Technology in China, Shanghai Normal University, University of Alberta, and the School of Business in Innsbruck, Austria. He has served as an economic advisor to China and Bhutan in their efforts to adopt new measures of well-being and happiness. He is the author of the award-winning The Economics of Happiness. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his family.

"Economists often admit the many shortcomings of GDP, but then say, however it is the best numerical proxy we have for unmeasurable welfare. Anielski demonstrates that there are other better proxies, not to mention direct experience, common observation, and traditional wisdom. This is a book to be taken seriously."
Herman Daly, Emeritus Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

"It's time we measured how organizations in all sectors are contributing to the five capitals that matter. Mark shows how."
Bob Willard, author, The Sustainability Advantage

"One powerful answer to the struggling financial world around us. It very thoughtfully and clearly identifies how our existing debt and wealth measurement systems no longer serve our communities and our ability to live together in a just and balanced society. This is a great book, gracefully written, founded on doable optimism."

-Peter Block, author, Flawless Consulting and co-author, The Abundant Community

"Mark has been implementing happiness-creating economic system redesigns with towns, provinces, tribes, and nations. Mark has identified the major aspects of the current system that we must change to create a stable and happy society and what to do instead."
Gifford Pinchot III, author, Intrapreneuring and President Emeritus and Co-founder of the world's first school with an MBA of Sustainable Business

"Mark Anielski is one of those rare human beings who is equally at home with his First Nation peoples of North America as he is with European Canadians, with the indigenous people of Bhutan, as he is with the Chinese and the Tahitians. As such his work is uniquely all encompassing, a gift to those many worlds of which he is able to take integral account."
Ronnie Lessem, Co-Founder, Trans4m Centre for Integral Development, and Professor of Management, Da Vinci Institute

"Mark Anielski has written a book that will, if attention is paid, open a new era in economics that will emancipate us from the lose-lose calculus of our current reasoning. His argument is compelling, rooted as it is in lived social reality."
Walter Brueggemann, Professor of Theology, Columbia Theological Seminary

"You hold in your hand a rare synthesis between the deep understanding of the workings of our economy and a pragmatic methodology of implementation and integration towards a systemic well-being economy."

-Robert Dellner, Head of Impact Strategy at Lintel Capital, Co-Founder of the Centre for Integral Finance Economics (CIFE)

"A 21st century manifesto that addresses the problem of economic inequality. Those who turn to Anielski will find the rationale for demanding change in the relationship between government and its citizens back to its original intent—government that utilizes its economic tools to build an economy of well-being for its citizens."
Luke Eckblad, Investment Banker, Boustead Institute

"This book redefines what we mean by "The Wealth of Nations". It is a wonderful guide for people who want to take a path away from the monetization of everyday life."
John McKnight, co-author, The Abundant Community and author, The Careless Society

"Anielski has been a leading innovator on the cutting edge of well-being studies for three decades. I have been recommending Mark's work to people for decades, and now have another book to suggest."
Marilyn Waring, Professor, Auckland University and author, If Women Counted

"Mark Anielski calls us to radically realign our economics with our anthropology, gives us a toolkit and the metrics to do so, and demonstrates different possible outcomes through concrete case studies."
Seng-Kong Tan, Biblical Graduate School of Theology, Singapore

"Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity, would have applauded Mark Anielski for writing this book. Building a world of hope, where neighbours help neighbours is to look beyond monetary profit."
Alfred Nikolai, CEO of Habitat for Humanity, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Like a pamphleteer of old, Anielski pushes into your hands a challenge to the existing system with a bold proposal of how it can be changed."
Ian Glassford, Chief Financial Officer, Servus Credit Union

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