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Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2019-05-28
ISBN: 9781897408346
Format: Audiobook
Running Time: 12h 18m
Narrated By: Adam Farnsworth

Are We Done Fighting? (Audiobook)

Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division

by Matthew Legge narrated by Adam Farnsworth

Unfounded beliefs and hateful political and social divisions that can cascade into violence are threatening to pull the world apart. Responding to fear and aggression strategically and with compassion is vital if we are to push back against the politics of hate and live in greater safety and harmony.

But how to do it?

Are We Done Fighting? is brimming with the latest research, practical activities, and inspirational stories of success for cultivating inner change and spreading peace at the community level and beyond. Coverage includes:

  • An explanation of the different styles of conflict
  • Cognitive biases that help explain polarized and lose-lose positions
  • Practical methods and activities for changing our own and others' minds
  • When punishment works and doesn't, and how to encourage discipline in children without using violence
  • The skill of self-compassion and ways to reduce prejudice in ourselves and others
  • Incredible programs that are rebuilding trust between people after genocide.

Packed with inspiration and cutting-edge findings from fields including neuroscience, social psychology, and behavioural economics, Are We Done Fighting? is an essential toolkit for activists, community and peace groups, and students and instructors working to build dialogue, understanding, and peace as the antidote to the politics of hate and division.

About the Authors

Matthew Legge is the Peace Program Coordinator of the Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers). He has supported locally led peace building initiatives in 30 countries as a volunteer, consultant, board member, and fulltime staff member. Matthew lives in Toronto, Canada.

Nautilus Book Awards: 2019, United States – Runner-up Social Change & Social Justice

"A fresh, studious and very readable book on how to live peace in today's chaotic world. Matthew Legge's helpful hints for individual or group action are in the best Quaker tradition."
— Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., former Senator and former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament

"No, we are not done fighting, but we can fight in a better way. This book tells you how."
— Johan Galtung, founder of the academic discipline of Peace Studies, and founder, Transcend International

"I recommend this extremely inspirational, accessible study book with its extensive practical exercises. I love the way it accepts that peace is possible, so in an interdependent world, it is everyone's responsibility to create positive change that fosters sustainable peace."
— Professor Elisabeth Porter, University of South Australia

"This book is a joy....[it] offers new material (stories and science) to those who have been doing this work for years, and a great way into peace for those just getting started. I especially appreciate the group discussions and exercises. No one should do peacework alone."
— Stephanie Van Hook, Executive Director, Metta Center for Nonviolence

" invaluable contribution to the ongoing quest to ensure peacemaking rather than violence is utilised to resolve conflicts, be they between individuals, groups or nations."
— Andrew Feinstein, author The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade

"This transformative book presents a refreshing and innovative exploration of how to visualize and actualize peace in global society, in our families and relationships, and in our own minds."
— Douglas P. Fry, author, Beyond War, and co-author, Nurturing Our Humanity

"... a much-needed antidote to the risk of depression and despair. In page after page, and with a multitude of sources to back up the arguments, Matthew Legge gives us plenty of hope stemming from experience."
— Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor, Peace Studies, Bradford University, UK

"This is the book many peace, justice, and reconciliation advocates have waited for. Enabling, practical, and clear-minded, Matthew Legge offers readers—individuals or groups—a road map to transform our deepest conflicts."
— Paul R. Dekar, Emeritus Professor and co-founder, Peace Studies program, McMaster University, Canada

"... exceptionally valuable and timely...Matthew Legge offers practical solutions that make a difference in our own lives and in the broader communities that surround us.... Not only to be read, but put into action."
— Alex Neve, O.C., human rights lawyer and Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada

"For those who are working to decrease the madness of violence and increase the sanity of peace, lock arms today with Matthew Legge. Tomorrow is too late."
— Colman McCarthy, Director, The Center for Teaching Peace, Washington D.C.[y]

Audiobook Companion

Are We Done Fighintg? audiobook companion PDF. Includes charts, graphs and photos from the book.

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